Karla Rawles Naturopath

What’s behind a smile?

People are often surprised when I tell them I feel anxious – I’m quite practiced at appearing calm and as though I have my shit together… like a duck serenely gliding across the water, but with its little legs working so hard to stay afloat…

Pretence is pretty draining, I’ve found. And I’ve worked hard over the years, especially since discovering naturopathy and wanting to be a practitioner, to avoid hiding behind false smiles and speak up when I’m not ok, or would like some support.

Does this sound like you?

Sometimes it’s small stuff. And sometimes it seems completely overwhelming. But it’s important for whole body health that we listen to those inner thoughts and feelings and recognise when we are not ok. And ask someone for help.

Herbal medicine works beautifully to reduce anxiety and give breathing space, while taking time to treat the root cause and support gut health, which is crucial to mental health.

With support and a little self love, change can happen and habits can be shifted.

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