Healthy breakfast bar

Breakfast to go, the healthy way

Despite all good intentions, sometimes the reality of a healthy breakfast on the run can’t be avoided. I think it’s important to be realistic about these things to avoid creating unachievable goals. Or feel like you’ve constantly failed with your healthy eating ideals.

(Remember my 19/21 rule from a few posts back? This applies here too. So if one morning you just can’t sit and eat your breakfast chewing each mouthful of divine health-providing goodness 20 times, it’s ok!! )

Solution: I find having something portable a total saviour when I have to leave home before breaky. These Fully Loaded Breakfast Bars from the amazing Sarah Britton of My New Roots give sustaining energy in one neat little package. They make wholesome snacks as well if you shape the bars slightly smaller.

The full recipe is available from Sarah Britton’s amazing cookbook, Naturally Nourished. An adaptation can be found here (note, this adaptation uses chocolate chips, which is different from Sarah’s Britton’s original recipe. I don’t recommend adding choc chips for a healthy breakfast option!)