Find the cause: low iron

Find the cause: low iron

I am trained to know where to look to find the root cause of your symptoms. I work to understand how your body systems are interacting and what’s happened in your life to trigger or sustain your health issues.

The cause isn’t always easy to find, but I put on my detective hat and leave no stone unturned.

Finding the cause(s) means you have the ability to fully heal. This is very different from bandaid solutions. I work to give you long term relief and freedom from your symptoms.

This month I will be myth busting some so-called ’causes’ of common symptoms….first up is low iron.

Have you been told you have low iron and the ’cause’ is your heavy periods? The common suggested solution is to go on the contraceptive pill/other hormonal contraception to give you a lighter period (or stop periods altogether) and therefore protect your iron stores.

Finding the actual cause:

Your heavy periods are contributing to iron loss, but let’s find out why you have heavy periods and resolve that. Going on the pill may just mask the real cause. I work with you to deep dive into your gut, liver and thyroid health and check for diet, lifestyle and other factors which could be contributing.

Want to get help finding the underlying cause of your low iron levels? I’d love to work with you. Book in with me today.