Who is this girl?

Who is this girl? While I can see it’s me, I barely recognise myself.

This is a flashback to 13 years ago, on 10 September 2006 when I was all packed and ready to depart the UK for my big adventure around the world.

My decision to travel was the result of a major emotional meltdown, which happened when I realised I wasn’t living the life I wanted. Geez that was a heart-shattering realisation.

I’d given everything to my career, but it didn’t fulfil me.
I’d bought all the things I wanted, but I wasn’t happy.
I felt stuck in a cycle of earning money to pay the bills.
I was heavy in my body, mind and spirit.
I had health imbalances which I hadn’t yet connected with my stress.

So this is me on the cusp of a new life which I didn’t yet know.

What advice would I give my younger self now, all these years on?

“Do it all again, exactly the same way. Because it’s through these lessons we gain our most profound insights. It’s at those low points we have the clarity to make the best decisions. It’s taking those leaps of faith which expose the courage in our hearts”

Thanks for being with me on the journey.

Karla at the Grand Canyon