Karla Rawles, Naturopath, carrying a basket of green vegetables

How to maintain balance in a season of indulgence

The silly season is upon us and while it’s a joyful time, it can also be rather indulgent! Diet plans go out the window, there’s a fridge-full of food speaking to you at every hour of the day…self-control is at an all-time low and the temptation to eat vast quantities of food and drinks you’d normally say “no” to is irresistible…I know the story!

Well the good news is I’m here to say E-N-J-O-Y every moment of the festive season. I don’t believe in harsh dietary restrictions, especially around Christmas and holidays. But here are some practical tips to ease the burden on your body and help you keep some balance in amongst the indulgence! 

  • Drink a small cup of warm water with the juice of ½ a lemon 20 minutes before a big meal – this will help prepare your digestive juices and assist the digestion and absorption of food.
  • Include bitter salad leaves as part of your meals (e.g. rocket, mustard greens, kale, endive, radicchio, watercress) – these may help support digestion and reduce bloating.
  • Avoid drinking large quantities of fluids with your meals – this can dilute your digestive enzymes and make digestion more challenging, leading to reflux, bloating and gas.
  • Freeze leftover food for later, so you don’t have to eat it all within one week!
  • Drink a cup of peppermint or chamomile tea 45 mins after eating to assist with digestion if you’re feeling bloated/gassy. Avoid peppermint if you suffer from reflux.
  • Eat mindfully – chew every mouthful, put your cutlery down while you chew and generally slow down while eating – this assists with digestion (your stomach doesn’t have teeth!) and gives you a chance to realise when you’re full.
  • Invite friends round to enjoy the food with, or give food away to a family you know doing it tough.

Wishing you a wonderful festive season.