dan pegoda illustration

What can one woman do?

What can one woman do? I’ve asked myself this question a lot these past weeks while Australia endured the heart-breaking loss of brave people, cherished homes, livelihoods and an incomprehensible number of animals and bushland. I’ve sat and cried at the stories and images and felt a spectrum of emotion from anguish to hopelessness.

And although the initial shock of the crisis has passed, the fires are still burning, wildlife is starving, and bushfire affected communities are facing the overwhelming prospect of what’s needed to rebuild and recover.

Everyone I’ve spoken with, whether they are my neighbour, or friends on the other side of the world, feel devastated by this climate change emergency playing out in front of us. Many people are feeling powerless and exasperated and don’t know what to do. But many individuals and groups ARE stepping up and contributing so much good. I feel inspired and energised by this, especially with the current political backdrop.

So while I’ve been back at work for a couple of weeks now, attempting ‘business as usual’, I couldn’t quite bring myself to recommence my social media posts until I could answer this recurring question in my head – what is this one woman doing?

Here are a few small things I am doing:


I’m offering free 30 minute online consults to people affected by the bushfires. This includes firefighters, volunteers helping in the recovery and people who have lost homes or are affected by the smoke and stress of living in a bushfire affected community. I will be allocating 2 free spots per week over the coming months to offer this service. I appreciate that the crisis is not over and health may not be front of mind while the fires are still burning and there’s so much recovery and clean up to do. So this offer will extend over the next few months. Contact me on 0404 516 008 to arrange a time.

How naturopathy can help

Herbal and nutritional medicine can help support lung health, sinuses, throat, eyes and the impact of stress on the nervous system. Cost and accessibility will be front of mind when making recommendations and any remedies I am able to supply will be offered at a discounted rate.


  • I will donate 10% of my January consultation fees to Wildlife Victoria
  • 50% of the proceeds from my forthcoming Stress Less Workshop on 5th February will be donated to the CFA Victoria Gippsland
  • I have also commenced an ongoing personal donation to the Australian Koala Foundation – as many of you know, koalas are the reason I am here in Australia. They are my most beloved animal and the losses of koalas and their habitat is the most devastating thing for me during this crisis.

So in this time of deep emotion, fear and grief, please know that your actions, no matter how small, make a difference.

We are each one person, but together we are stronger.

Artwork credit: Danny Pegoda (Insta @dannypeg)
I first came across this artwork featured on a Wilderness Society postcard years ago (around 2007). I’ve kept it all this time as the image resonated with me, now more than ever.