Karla Rawles, Naturopath, making herbal tea

Naturopathic consults

Please note I am currently on maternity leave and not taking new clients. To be kept up-to-date for when I return, please sign up to my mailing list.

Seeing a naturopath can be life changing! It’s an opportunity to have a highly trained professional look at all aspects of your health in a new level of detail. It’s different from going to see a medical specialist as naturopaths work holistically to understand how the pieces of your health puzzle fit together… and where the missing pieces are. I work as your personal health detective to uncover hidden clues.

I can help even when all your tests are ‘normal’.

My two clinic locations are in Newstead and Kyneton (Central Victoria) and I also see clients from all over Australia using the wonders of technology. Even if you live locally, you’re welcome to book in for an online consultation if you prefer. It is beneficial to have at least your first consult in person, but if there’s something 2020 has shown us – a lot is possible via Zoom!

Initial consultation | 75 min | $150

Your first consultation with me takes about an hour and a quarter, which gives me time to listen to your whole health story and learn about what symptoms are bothering you. I ask heaps of questions to understand your health goals and how your different body systems are impacting each other. For example, how your gut health could be affecting your immune health or mood. I may also conduct physical assessments to help identify areas of imbalance, including tongue, nail and iris analysis, in addition to checking your blood pressure, pulse and other examinations relevant to your symptoms. After your initial appointment, I research your case and develop a personalised treatment plan, which is unique to you and addresses your specific health goals. This research time is included in the price of your initial consultation.

2nd consultation | 45 min | $90

Your second consultation is where we go through your personalised treatment plan together. I explain my holistic understanding of your health picture, what’s happening to cause your symptoms, and, most importantly, what we’re going to do about it. I provide my theories of the underlying cause(s), or recommend further testing to help find this out. I may also refer you to a medical practitioner for further testing. Your treatment plan outlines your health goals and then details how we will achieve these goals. Recommendations include herbal and nutritional medicine, together with dietary and lifestyle modifications. Treatment incorporates evidence-informed strategies together with traditional knowledge and targets the underlying causes, as well as providing symptomatic relief.

Follow up consultations | 30-45 min | $60-90

Follow up consults are for monitoring your progress, keeping you on track and helping you stay motivated. I recommend regular follow ups every few weeks, or every month, depending on where you’re at in your healing journey. If it’s just a brief check in then 30 minutes is perfect, but if there is a new symptom or change to your treatment plan, I recommend 45 minutes. Please contact me if you’re unsure what length of consultation you need.

Karla Rawles, Naturopath, making a herb mix

What to expect

Naturopathy is different because the longer consultations allow for more time for you to tell your whole health story and for me to ask questions to understand how your different body systems are impacting each other. I’m interested to know the nitty gritty of your health history and will spend time analysing your blood test results and identifying the factors which triggered or are sustaining your health issues.

This holistic approach gives an understanding about the underlying cause of why you are experiencing symptoms. And most importantly, the strategies needed to resolve them.

My aim is to work collaboratively with your doctor or other specialists, to provide complementary health support. I can write referral letters as needed to your GP and other health care professionals to ensure you receive all the care and support you need.

Online consultations

Online consultations are conducted via Zoom (which is similar to Skype). A unique Zoom link will be sent to you when you book your consultation.