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Please select from the consultation options below. Choose whether you’d like to attend the Newstead clinic, have an online consultation or if you’d prefer a home visit.

If you’re not sure which appointment length to go for, or you don’t want to deal with technology, please call me directly on 0404 516 008 to schedule your consultation.

Newstead clinic

Initial consult, 60 minutes$ 120.00 Book
Initial consult, 90 minutes$ 170.00 Book
Follow up consult, 30 minutes$ 60.00 Book
Follow up consult, 45 minutes$ 90.00 Book

Online consultations

Online consultations are conducted via Zoom (which is similar to Skype). A unique Zoom link will be sent to you when you book your consultation.

Initial consult, 60 minutes$ 120.00Book
Initial consult, 90 minutes$ 170.00Book
Follow up consult, 30 minutes$ 60.00 Book
Follow up consult, 45 minutes$ 90.00Book

Home visits

If you prefer, I can visit you in your home for your consultation. I offer mobile consults within 30 minutes’ drive of Newstead (different rates apply).

Balanced Whole home visit map

If you can’t see your suburb, contact me to find out if you’re in my home visit area.

Home visits – within 20 minutes’ drive of Newstead

Includes: Newstead, Welshmans Reef, Muckleford, Yapeen, Guildford, Castlemaine, Chewton, Campbell’s Creek, Maldon, Yandoit and other towns in this vicinity.

Initial consult, 90 minutes$ 210.00 Book
Follow up consult, 45 minutes$ 130.00 Book

Home visits – 20-30 minutes’ drive of Newstead

Includes: Hepburn, Daylesford, Clunes, Talbot, Maryborough, Fryerstown, Elphinstone, Malmsbury, Lockwood South and other towns in this vicinity.

Initial consult, 90 minutes$ 250.00 Book
Follow up consult, 45 minutes$ 170.00Book
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What to expect

An initial naturopathic consultation takes about an hour and in this time, I listen to your whole story and ask questions to understand how your different body systems are impacting each other. For example, how your gut health could be affecting your immune health or mood. I may also conduct physical assessments to help identify areas of imbalance, including tongue, nail and iris analysis, in addition to checking your blood pressure, pulse and other examinations relevant to your symptoms.

This holistic approach gives an understanding about the underlying cause of why you are experiencing symptoms.

After the initial appointment, I research your individual case and provide a personalised treatment plan, which is unique to your health picture. Treatment incorporates evidence-informed strategies together with traditional knowledge and targets the underlying causes, as well as providing symptomatic relief.

Working collaboratively

My aim is to work collaboratively with your doctor or other specialists, to provide complementary health support.

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