Low dairy white sauce with salmon

Low dairy ‘white’ sauce

Sad story: I love dairy, but it doesn’t really like me that much. Can you relate? I’ve accepted this truth and learnt my personal tolerance level and how far I can push it before triggering symptoms. Mercifully, I’ve found in my experiments that butter is A-OK (PHEW!!!) and I know many other people do ok …

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tempeh bolognese

Tempeh bolognese

This is one of my most favourite meals! I just don’t get sick of it! In case you’re wondering what on earth tempeh is, it’s a little bit like tofu (made from soy beans), but wayyy better. Tempeh has a more palatable texture and, depending on how you cook it, breaks down like minced meat, …

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Veggie stir-fry with almonds and sesame

Veggie stir-fry with protein

Adding protein to plant-based foods is as easy as a sprinkle of nuts and seeds. Eating sufficient protein helps you feel fuller long, balance blood sugar levels and contributes to a happy mood and good sleep. Here I cooked a veggie stir fry which formed the base of a few meals over a couple of …

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Smoothie with almonds, cashews and hemp seeds

Protein-rich smoothie

Protein rich smoothie? …Yes please!! Including protein at each meal can help sustain your energy levels, reduce blood sugar peaks and troughs, support a happy mood, plus much more! It’s especially important to be aware of your protein intake if you follow an exclusively plant based diet. Smoothies are a yummy way to start the …

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Mackerel salad

Super easy mackerel salad

Don’t you just love it when you totally nail dinner, it hits the spot AND it was super easy to prepare! I often recommend eating more fish, but it can be challenging to find seafood which ticks the boxes of health AND sustainability. Thankfully, the humble mackerel is full of healthy omega 3 fats and …

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dan pegoda illustration

What can one woman do?

What can one woman do? I’ve asked myself this question a lot these past weeks while Australia endured the heart-breaking loss of brave people, cherished homes, livelihoods and an incomprehensible number of animals and bushland. I’ve sat and cried at the stories and images and felt a spectrum of emotion from anguish to hopelessness. And …

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Blueberry & lavender smoothie

Blueberry & lavender smoothie

Hello my name is Karla and I’m a smoothie-o-holic. It’s been 12 hours since my last smoothie… All year, I’ve been trying to add some variety to my morning breakfasts as I’d become rather stuck on smoothies… but despite some delicious porridge, muesli, granola and pancake experimentations, I kept coming back to my beloved go-to …

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