Healthy orange muffins

Healthy orange muffins

These muffins are incredibly light, moist and pretty low in sugar. They are grain and gluten free and with just 5 ingredients, what’s not to love! Ingredients: 2 organic oranges 250g ground almonds 4 eggs 1/2 cup honey 2 tsp bicarb Directions: Boil oranges for 1 hour. Drain and allow to cool. Blend oranges in …

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Karla Rawles Naturopath with her Dad

30 years

My Dad died 30 years ago today. He was 50. I was 8. He went to sleep one night and didn’t wake up. Here one day, gone the next. At such a landmark anniversary, when yet again I’m reminded how long I’ve lived without him, I reflect on the impact of his death on my …

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Healthy breakfast bar

Breakfast to go, the healthy way

Despite all good intentions, sometimes the reality of a healthy breakfast on the run can’t be avoided. I think it’s important to be realistic about these things to avoid creating unachievable goals. Or feel like you’ve constantly failed with your healthy eating ideals. (Remember my 19/21 rule from a few posts back? This applies here …

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It's what you do everyday that counts

What is the 19/21 rule?

Consistent healthy habits trump random indulgences. It’s what you do every day that counts. I understand that a health regime of extremes can be easier to follow than finding a balance as balance can be ambiguous. I often hear of people going on 30 days of quitting sugar, alcohol, wheat, gluten, dairy, chocolate etc etc. …

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Oaty snacks

Snacking to reduce anxiety

When your blood sugar levels drop too low, your body sees this as a stress and there are complex survival mechanisms in place to ensure enough sugar gets to your brain. Low blood sugar can flip you into ‘fight or flight’ mode, which can increase feelings of anxiety, so it’s important to plan your intake …

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Healthy guacamole recipe

Oh my, I love avocados! They may be a little cool for these Winter months, so I spiced some up the other day in a guacamole. The raw garlic will help with Winter immunity too. Ingredients: 3 perfectly ripe avos 1/4 red onion, very finely diced 1 minced garlic clove (or more to taste) Juice …

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Supplements and herbs

Health in a bottle?

How many bottles of supplements do you have on your kitchen bench? Supplements are big business backed by extensive marketing, so it’s tempting to believe there’s a silver bullet for a particular health issue. Nutrients and herbs can play an important role in restoring health, but they need to be used as part of a …

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Apple crumble

Gut healing apple crumble

A major upside to these cooler months is the abundance of juicy apples available. We’ve had heaps in our veggie box the last couple of weeks and as much as I love to crunch on them raw, they are also delicious stewed in a crumble. Health benefits: There are specific gut health benefits to stewing …

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Fried eggs with greens

One pan lunch

I’d prefer to use my energy and time cooking, eating and digesting…NOT washing up! So my latest lunch plan is to cook everything in one pan. This would also make a great breakfast! Ingredients for 1: Drizzle of olive oil 1-2 tsp of turmeric, garam masala (or your fav spices) Pinch of cayenne (optional) 1 …

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Mashed potato

Gnarly mash

Let’s face it, my mashed potato would not do well on Masterchef! But, I make it gnarly for a reason – to increase fibre and nutrient content. White potatoes get a bad rap. Yes, they do convert to sugar quite quickly in your body, but I take a number of steps to combat this. Use …

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