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What can one woman do?

What can one woman do? I’ve asked myself this question a lot these past weeks while Australia endured the heart-breaking loss of brave people, cherished homes, livelihoods and an incomprehensible number of animals and bushland. I’ve sat and cried at the stories and images and felt a spectrum of emotion from anguish to hopelessness. And …

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Blueberry & lavender smoothie

Blueberry & lavender smoothie

Hello my name is Karla and I’m a smoothie-o-holic. It’s been 12 hours since my last smoothie… All year, I’ve been trying to add some variety to my morning breakfasts as I’d become rather stuck on smoothies… but despite some delicious porridge, muesli, granola and pancake experimentations, I kept coming back to my beloved go-to …

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Field of chamomile

When hayfever strikes

Hayfever can strike any time of year, but springtime is the most problematic season for many pollen allergy sufferers. Over-the-counter anti-histamines can help keep symptoms at bay, but as with any medication, side effects can occur and over the long term these drugs may impact the health of your gut. There are some natural solutions …

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Balanced plate of healthy food

What’s a balanced plate?

Do you know what a balanced plate looks like? My general rule of thumb is: 1/2 plate – a variety of vegetables (cooked or raw) 1/4 plate – quality protein, e.g. fish, kangaroo, grass fed beef or lamb, chicken, beans, lentils, tofu, tempeh, eggs, nuts, seeds 1/4 plate – quality wholefood carbohydrates, e.g. brown rice, …

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Find the cause - weight gain

Find the cause: weight gain

Next on my myth busting list of so-called ’causes’ of common symptoms…weight gain. Have you gain weight over recent months, maybe years, but other than that you don’t feel much has changed? You think your diet is pretty good. You exercise. But you’re feeling yucky, tired and over it. Common suggested cause: eating too much …

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Who is this girl?

Who is this girl? While I can see it’s me, I barely recognise myself. This is a flashback to 13 years ago, on 10 September 2006 when I was all packed and ready to depart the UK for my big adventure around the world. My decision to travel was the result of a major emotional …

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Find the cause - bloating

Find the cause: bloating

My myth busting of so-called ’causes’ of common symptoms continues… does this bloating story sound familiar? You feel bloated after you eat some foods. You think it’s after you eat onions, or maybe garlic? But some days it feels like everything you eat makes you bloated. There’s no way you can eat lentils and then …

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Chickpeas and white beans

How to soak your own beans

Every Friday at 5pm I have a phone reminder which beeps to tell me to “SOAK BEANS” … ok I’m not crazy, just organised when it comes to my fibre intake! Have you ever soaked and cooked your own beans? They taste phenomenally better than from a can (really!), plus you avoid packaging waste and …

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Chai spiced macadamia cookies

Chai-spiced macadamia cookies

Oh yes! I came across this recipe thanks to my friend and study buddy The Passionate Nutritionist. It’s a winner! The perfect afternoon snack for chai-lovers like me. Really low in sugar (just 2 tbsp maple syrup in the whole batch) and a good hit of protein with the tahini and nuts. I’ve made these …

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