A rainbow of vegetables

Eat a rainbow

If I were to give one tip to anyone and everyone, it’s to eat a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables. Every day. Vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables are pretty well known, but have you heard of phytonutrients? These are natural plant chemicals which give plants their vibrant colours …and it’s not just …

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Food and mood

You’re probably not surprised to read there’s a link between food and mood. Comfort food gets its name for a reason and we often need to be ‘in the mood’ for certain foods. But food choices can impact your mood on a deeper level and scientific research is beginning to show that gut health is …

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Seasonal bounty: tomatoes

Our first tomato harvest this summer. Better late than never! Tomato tips: Cooking tomatoes ‘liberates’ their red pigment lycopene, which is a heat-stable antioxidant noted to be protective from various cancers, heart disease and vision degeneration. There’s a good amount of research on lycopene and how it protects your cells from damage. You get the …

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Smoothie ingredients

My go-to smoothie recipe

Serves 1 (this recipe is easily doubled, trebled or even quadrupled!) I love starting the day with a smoothie – they are quick and easy, nutritious and delicious! My fav combo at the moment is 1 medium banana 50g frozen raspberries 1 tablespoon seeds (I switch between linseed, hemp and chia) 2 scoops protein powder …

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Karla Rawles Naturopath

What’s behind a smile?

People are often surprised when I tell them I feel anxious – I’m quite practiced at appearing calm and as though I have my shit together… like a duck serenely gliding across the water, but with its little legs working so hard to stay afloat… Pretence is pretty draining, I’ve found. And I’ve worked hard …

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Selection of vegetables

One pot wonder

Serves 6 Eat a rainbow they say. OK… here’s how, in one pot. This recipe is based on the Kichadi creation in Sarah Britton’s cookbook, Naturally Nourished. But you don’t need specific ingredients to make this, just grab whatever is in the fridge! The basic ingredients Brown rice (100-200g) Mung beans or lentils (100-200g) Vegetables …

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Spices with pestle and mortar

Adding a little spice

Spices add so much incredible flavour to meals and also bring some excellent health benefits to the table. Cumin – aids digestion, possibly via supporting pancreas function, antioxidant and assists the liver’s natural detoxification enzymes Coriander seeds – support digestion, anti-inflammatory, may be cholesterol-lowering Ginger – anti-inflammatory, improves circulation, reduces nausea, supports digestion Turmeric – …

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Vitamin D

For most people, just a few minutes of sun-basking (without sunscreen) a day in summer is enough to top up your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is important for: Bones and muscles Immune health Mood But as many as 1 in 4 Australian adults could be deficient. Risk of sunburn is a real concern with …

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