Karla with her partner

A helping hand

We all have our fears and one of mine is waves. I know, so un-Australian!

It may be my English heritage, lack of confidence swimming, or some forgotten trauma, but I feel very scared going in the water at the beach and seeing waves rolling towards me.

Logic says “What’s the worst that can happen?” but I just can’t bear the thought of being dunked under a wave.

Luckily, living in central Victoria doesn’t expose me to many waves, so generally I’m A-OK! The challenge comes on a trip to a beautiful beach when I desperately want to feel that salty water on my skin, but I’m too scared to get in past my ankles.

Luckily for me, on my recent trip to the coast, I had a helping hand.

My partner held my hand while I shrieked at each wave and we got far enough out that I could still stand, but was submerged, almost up to my neck.

The surprising thing to me was that the further out I was, the easier the waves were to withstand. I stopped resisting them so much and started to jump when they approached me, learning new ways to move with the water and not against it. I also had a great view of the beach and coastline from in the water – a new perspective.


This experience struck some parallels with me in terms of how we approach our health.

Often we know what’s good for us and can see the benefits, but there’s a lot of fear in our way. To take those first steps means pushing out of our comfort zone, trying a new way, letting go of resistance and sometimes just going with the flow. Some people can handle all that alone, but most of us are thankful for a helping hand which guides us in the early stages. Someone who’s taken those same steps before us, with the experience to know how best to navigate the waves…

That’s how I see naturopathy. It’s your helping hand, supporting you to take the steps you need to find or rediscover your unique health balance.

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