Karla Rawles, Naturopath, preparing a healthy meal in her kitchen

Welcome to Balanced Whole

I’m a degree-qualified naturopath who wants to help you find or rediscover your unique health balance. I work with you to resolve niggling symptoms that are stopping you living life to the full.

Herbal and nutritional medicine, together with diet and lifestyle changes, can increase your energy, help you sleep better, stop tummy pain, reduce how often you get sick and improve your mood.

Tea pot with fresh herbs

Consulting from Newstead, Victoria (15 minutes from Castlemaine) and online. Home visits are available within 30 minutes’ drive of Newstead.

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My approach involves assessing your whole body to gain a holistic understanding of how your body systems are interacting. For example, how your gut health could be impacting your mood or immune function.

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