Karla Rawles, Naturopath, preparing a healthy meal in her kitchen

Hello, I’m Karla. I’m currently taking a break from clinical practice, but you can have a read about my health philosophy here on my website.

I help you find or rediscover whole health balance and live a vibrant, healthy life.

As a degree qualified naturopath, I get great results by using natural remedies, herbs, food and lifestyle medicine to increase your energy, help you sleep better, support your immune system and improve your mood. I teach you how to recognise when stress is taking a toll on your body and give you the tools you need to live healthier and happier. Looking after yourself gives you the energy to face life’s challenges and avoid overwhelm and burnout. Find out more.

I provide expert, individualised care and advice so you feel heard and empowered. I promote balance, not extremes. No fads, only long term sustainable solutions that get results.

Often you know what you need to change or let go of. Taking those first steps means pushing out of your comfort zone and trying a new way, which can seem scary. I offer a helping hand to guide you in the process of that change. I support you to take the steps you need to find or rediscover your whole health balance, resolve niggling symptoms and feel your best self.

I’m down to earth and practical and I’m only interested in making recommendations which are achievable and affordable.

Tea pot with fresh herbs

My approach involves assessing your whole body to gain a holistic understanding of how your body systems are interacting. For example, how your gut health could be impacting your mood or immune function.

Bowls of cherries and blueberries

Client testimonials

I have been seeing Karla from Balanced Whole for about 3 months now and I can honestly say she has changed my life!! Karla is so knowledgeable and caring. I love how personal and safe each appointment feels. I have more awareness about my body and what it needs. I couldn’t be more grateful. Karla keeps in contact between each visit and is always making sure I’m feeling okay. I’m so lucky to have Karla in my life!


I’m so thankful to have found such an amazing naturopath! I have been seeing Karla for 3-4 months now, and I cannot express enough how much she has helped me on my healing journey. I’m now more aware of my body, its needs and how external factors that I never even considered have a flow on effect on the mind and body. Karla’s professional and prompt support is so amazing and I always feel like nothing is too much trouble. She makes recommendations to implement into my daily life based on my areas of concern. Everyone needs a naturopath like Karla in their life!


I have been a client of Karla’s for almost a year. Over this period she has clearly and gently helped me to understand and improve my health. In my 20 years as a nurse I have witnessed a lot, Karla stands out as one of the most engaging, knowledgeable, caring and supportive health professionals I have met. I highly recommend Karla’s services.