Planning during 2020

Planning during 2020: the year of unexpected events

If you’re a planner like me, coming to terms with changed goals was (and still is) part of accepting and embracing this phase in our lives. I had big plans for 2020; I was just finding my groove with in person workshops, was on the organising team for a large-scale event (now cancelled) and had dreams of holidays and travel…

So when my diary reminded me it was the beginning of the second quarter and time to review my 2020 goals, a feeling of dread loomed and a knot appeared in my gut. How can I achieve what I set out to with this COVID-19 shit?!

But then I reflected on my vision board for this year (pictured above), which had been hanging quietly above my desk the whole time. I was heartened and relieved to see that the key themes of slowing down, tuning in, finding balance, collaboration, getting out of my comfort zone and overcoming fear are all still totally possible! The emphasis of quiet time and space is uncanny…no I did not manifest lock down!!

So, I am reviewing my goals afresh, taking a step back and seeing what’s possible this year, even though we are “restricted”. But I would argue we still have heaps of freedom to move towards where we want to be.

If we focus on what values are important to us, the themes we want to create, new ideas spring from there. Yes, we may have to let go of some specific goals or dreams we had for this year, but I believe these same aspirations can morph into something else, which without COVID-19 wouldn’t have been possible or imagined.

I invite you to go forth into your 2020 without wishing it away. Focus on what really matters and use this time to create, plan and lean in to all which is available for us. If health is top of your list, I’d love to support you with this. Contact me now