Mashed potato

Gnarly mash

Let’s face it, my mashed potato would not do well on Masterchef! But, I make it gnarly for a reason – to increase fibre and nutrient content.

White potatoes get a bad rap. Yes, they do convert to sugar quite quickly in your body, but I take a number of steps to combat this.

  • Use approx 50/50 ratio of white potato to sweet potato (you can also add pumpkin or cauliflower)
  • Always buy organic potatoes and leave the skin on (increases fibre content and helps slow the conversion to sugar)
  • Limit serve size to approx 1/3 cup
  • Eat with a palm-sized portion of protein (chicken, fish, lean red meat, lentils, tofu/tempeh, eggs, nuts or seeds) and other vegetables to further slow down the conversion to sugar

Steps to make my gnarly mash:

  • Boil chopped potatoes in salted water until almost falling apart
  • Mash together with a decent hunk of butter, salt, pepper to taste